world beat wahad

Karakib is an organization that aims to spread music through education and through an intercultural aspect as an entrepreneur of live performances, we act both as an organizer of concerts and cultural events, as well as a producer and independent label. Encouraging the creation, production dissemination and promotion of all forms of artistic work and cultural activities, Karikab does not hesitate to collaborate with any organization or artist willing to develop an artistic project as a genuine meeting platform.

We provide all human resources, logistical resources and know-how for live performances and cultural activities.

This project is being organized in the framework of the international art exchange that celebrates musical collaboration and social engagement through innovative people-to-people diplomacy.

Artists and professionals from Lyon and other countries will come for a residency to collaboratively teach, learn, and perform international multicultural arts and culture. They will also develop ways where art can make a positive impact on the both communities, to establish a great multicultural exchange between the city of Lyon and other places around the world. 

More than a performance program, World Beat Wahad واحد balances three principles:

- dialogue,

- creation,

- social engagement

... to foster mutual understanding and cooperation among citizens of two cities.

Artists and professionals will work together to create and collaborate. 

This project will have a slightly different component by focusing more on the local ethic communities and the cultural diversity that is present among them. 

We aim to promote peace and tolerance as the message from us in this post-conflict society. This is derived from the idea that we are all different and unique, yet we are all the same. We may look different, speak different languages, and hold different practices and beliefs. But when we look inside ourselves, we are all the same ... 

This creative program exemplifies how people from different musical backgrounds, with diverse training, conceptions of music, can negotiate differences and find an interplay of cultures that maintains the integrity of each tradition.

At World Beat Wahad واحد we encourage musicians to listen deeply to each others’ music, and to create work that values the complexity of each tradition, to create unique art works.

This type of cross-cultural interaction continues in our discussions of social issues, as we find ways to use art to catalyze positive change in our communities, and the international level.


We aim to make this program the first step towards a long term developed program that will continue to apply our goals and creative ideas for the next years. Our high hopes and motivations are accompanied with our hard work, aimed at spreading this multicultural experience in Amman and Lyon. This program will be the bridge that links two cities' musical backgrounds and cultures, passing from Lyon to Amman, Algiers, Bucarest, Istanbul, Jérusalem ... and vice versa in a smooth and creative ways.